The INSPIRATION is also manufactured from a Chrysler Ram Promaster with available lenght of 18, 20 or 21 feet. You will be pleased with its comfort and modern conception. With the European Camping- car in mind you will be seduce by this RV. It is equipped with a convection-microwave oven, swivel front seats, separate air conditioning, television with sound system, interior led lights, 2000 watts inverter, solar panel and much much more.

IMAGINE is an RV constructed starting from the all new Chrysler Ram Promaster base. Over 70% of Europe RV (camping-car) manufacturer use the Promaster. The IMAGINE by 5 MARS RV will take you to new horizons by being one of the smallest RV available on the market. It is 16 feet 3 inches long and with all its commodities it is an exceptional vehicule. It is available in 2 models.

  • IMAGINE SX with its original top and interior free height of 5 feet 5 inches tall
  • IMAGINE WX with full pop-up and a second bed

Discover this Dodge Grand Caravan transformed into an exceptional RV

​5 MARS RV offers you the most economical RV sold in North America by transforming a new Dodge Grand Caravan into a versatile vehicule that can serve all your requirements. Use it as an RV for weekend outing, vacation or simply for your day to day transportation vehicule. You will be amazed at the fuel economy of this RV that surpasses all other RV. It offers plenty of space and an endless optional accessories list. With the roof down it goes un-notice as RV and look like any other mini-van. For a low cost you will have access to a quality RV and a day to day vehicule. Also since it is a full RV you have the option to finance your purchase for up to 20 years.




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